Love Your Body video series


Give me some juicy body love!

If you are he or she Goddessa, you know that the center of the Goddessa Happiness wheel is LOVE.
In summer where we travel to the south, earthy side of the wheel we work and develop the body, the physical expression, and the outgoing expression, grounding, and creativity.

With this series, I want to give you the challenge to upgrade the love you have, share and enjoy with your body.

I made it for the average person, with a mixed bag of love, confusion, ignoring or hating the body.

If your relationship to your body is severely abusive you would probably need a longer session and help from a professional.
Taking that step of admitting you need to address this would be empowering you to transform yourself into more loving.

So, here we are ready to look at and make space for more body love.
In this First session, we are going to ask few questions and one BIG question. So we can see with clarity WHERE WE ARE.

This is the time to have courage and compassion. WE ALL know that we can do better.
Start with this first session and you will be on your way to change things for the better.

Ready? Do it right now.
It worth it, making this summer more sunny for you and your body.

I am with you,


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