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Our voice is powerful and holds within it the potential to unlock and heal our lives. We can use our voice to explore the opposing natures within us. By embracing all aspects of our self we can truly connect with our authentic selves and find a sense of peace, joy, and belong from within. On this website, you will find many tools including audio, video, practical and fun exercises, all to help you connect to and use your voice to heal your life.

Happy Goddessa Guide Four Voices medicine

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The session gave me a beautiful inner peace and most of all a deep contact with my true self. Physically I could totally let go and immerse into my soul and see trough it with an eye of love.
I felt that during this second session I could let go faster and be connected quicker. I wasn't expecting anything anymore and did just let go and welcome what was coming. And it came, my beautiful forest was all around me and the golden cover embraced me and transported me into the 7th plane without any interruption of my mind. It was beautiful, soft gentle and powerful. And what is really special about it, is that since that session, some images come back sometime and transport me back to that state of contemplation. It is a  beautiful gift to myself.

Annette Haeberling

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I had a great experience working with Galitta on her sacred video and sound journeys. Because of this program, I have created an active bond with my voice and ancestor line within me. This allows me to be in connection with my core, which as an artist is key. It is wonderful to practice these methods and would recommend her interactive journeys for everyone!

Daniella Rubinovitz